Sonic Projects OP-X PRO II V1 0 ]x]]-CRACKED- [Extra Quality] 📀



Sonic Projects OP-X PRO II V1 0 ]x]]-CRACKED-

The sounds this machine has available are outstanding. i’ve never seen so many presets. Really, totally outstanding.

These are truly impressive and can be easily used to create a complete 80s synth experience without the need for modifying anything.

The patches come in all different styles. Melodic, shimmery, fat. Huge amounts of fun to play with.

All presets have a clearly defined character. Besides that you also have a lot of “Super” presets that contain everything you will ever need to play 80s 80s synth sounds

those are really cool as well.

The sounds are also all superb and warm and transparent and brilliant. They have a charm and warmth that i’ve never seem before.

If you want to play 80s synth with flavor then this machine is your dream.

The price and the size are perfect.

The memory is great its 32GB for 8 onboard voices. Will last for many years!!!

As a matter of fact many HotAv users do it the other way round, they have their own racks with their banks custom designed for their old synths, so if you already ride a HotAv you know what i mean.


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