Toyota 7ke Engine Manual 🌶️

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Toyota 7ke Engine Manual

The process of cleaning is carried out by pressing on the switches labeled “CLEAN1” – “CLEAN5”. If the above-mentioned label is not present, the procedure of cleaning must be performed with the switch labeled “FIND1”. The switch must be pressed with a rubber hammer.

In the case of a Toyota LiteAce / TownAce PRE-VECU minibus serial number 02271 and pre-November 1998 service center codes circulating, a cleaning of the battery does not provide a positive effect. Cleaning batteries are placed in the battery compartment. Removing the battery and talks is not necessary, if the charge is found to be satisfactory.

Coupling between the engine and transmission is carried out by pressing switches on the transmission lever that is marked “TAPPER” on the key F1. The transmission lever is inserted into the lock and in the case of the idle, the indicator flashes “TAPPER” on the key F1.

The system temperature is reached by pressing the switch marked “Temp”. On the cold engine, it is possible to expect starting, but the lights flash mostly. The first red light flashes for 12 seconds, the second blue – for a further 10 seconds. If the vehicle does not start up, we need to connect it to the charger, and start it again.

Press “CPS ON” to activate the system and determine the temperature. The minutes of work of the engine block is indicated via the clock. The minutes shaft of numerals below indicate the temperature of the engine block and the display changes.


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