Sygic V 14.5.2 Android Crack ~UPD~ed

Sygic V 14.5.2 Android Crack ~UPD~ed


Sygic V 14.5.2 Android Cracked

1- As usual i will tell you about this version directly. As every other version i picked best maps because they are best from my experience. Sadly i have to say this is the best best maps. p.s. the maps of it for India is the best. and installation is really simple. so you just extract it, do update the GPS and go to settings. Manage Map and download your desired map. it will take around 1.5 MB for download. and take about 8 hours to download. and thats it. Thanks guys. Please help me to get my job done. It is urgent. p.s. finished only 30 seconds after you post here. So its a good job guys, so you should my help as well.

1- New GPS/ GEO. 2- New Maps. 3- New Format. 4- Save & Load fixed. 5- Terrain/XYZ. 6- Texture. 7- Speed. 8- Night Mode. 9- Web Based.[yahoo/google/bing] 10- Multi-X Feature.[ Sygic Its time to update newest version, it is named – 14.5.5 ] 11- SYRU (Help my another idea). [ Need some hints, so feel free to comment on this. ] 12- All you facebook user`s intelligent people also vote for this. Modify = already done. French, Italian and German are available to select your language. I am not good English, so i made this great language.] 13- All you people correct me if i make any mistake. 14- Other things are more update and better in this version. For get it. i am an android developer by choice. you must use any android phone. how about your Mac????

1) Install APK yourself and run it. 2) Sygic itself can be installed via Play Store. 3) Google Play Store will force you to install the latest version, of course. or you can manually do it using this link:


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