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Raw converter support is more than just the X-Trans sensor. A versatile tool which will accept numerous RAW files from various scopes is ideal, but that’s fine. For those of you who have an older color digital body, Adobe’s Radiance set of profiles is included. To my knowledge, there isn’t a single camera profile available as of this writing, but that’s not the intent here. Radiance profiles don’t just replace “built in to the camera” profiles. They are available as those or external plug-ins. Also included are camera profiles for other manufacturer’s bodies. Other features that I welcome were Adobe’s successful venture into the area of plug-ins. I just wish that they would only do that. Adding a whopping extra 20-30 MB to the installed footprint is something that is not needed. There are so many useful and desirable features already included that an additional 24% increase in the entire program’s size doesn’t seem like it’s worth it. I don’t want a fat program; I want a program of defined size. I would rather have a more colorful and usable tool than a tool with room for more stuff.

I really feel that with the Arista Rose’s support for RAW (.NEF) files, the RAW converter must be sectioned off from the rest of the package. How? I would eliminate Adobe’s Studio for Mac. (Studio is a type of plug-in that offers limited editing, exposure controls, and other tools separate from Adobe’s regular catalog editing tools. I also do not want to lose the ability to customize the regular Photoshop editing tools to my personal preference. The different plug-ins are too clunky. Unfortunately, I still wouldn’t be able to afford the $80 price when the $210 offer would be over.


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