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Parsing.txt file using C++/OOP and STL

I have a.txt file and I want to know how to parse each line and retrieve each input data. I have this portion of code:

using namespace std;

class Element
int operator()(ofstream& out, int num, string str);
int operator()(istream& in, int num, string str);

int main()
ofstream outfile(“report.txt”);
string str = “”;
int num = 0;
Element elem = {};
elem(outfile, num++, str);
while(std::getline(infile, str))
elem(infile, num++, str);
return 0;

Element elem(ofstream& outfile, int num, string str)
string line = “”;
for (int i = 0; i -dependent as well as redox-dependent manner.


MMPs are involved in multiple cellular events and in many diseases. In this study, we established a general method to immobilize MMP-2 and MMP-9


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